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Converting your garage is a task that requires several actions to be performed in order to turn it into what ever you wish. Some garages already have certain foundations that can reduce of the cost of the job. Our professional team is comprised of skilled hard workers that have expertise in the different services that we provide. We believe we need to find the best person for each job to get the best results we can give.

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Every project starts with a solid foundation. We design each garage conversion specifically according to the structural engineer plans to ensure it meets with the city requirements.

Garage conversion Drainage


In order to create a new living unit, new plumbing line will need to be installed for the new kitchen and bathroom. This part needs to be done professionally to make sure the new plumbing system will work properly.

Garage Conversion plan


After the foundation has been laid out and signs off by the city, its time to start building the frame of the ADU unit. Our professional team will follow the design and plans of your project and will execute it in the best way.

Electricity garage conversion


New outlets will have to be added all around if the new space for all the appliances and electronic equipment.

Garage converted to a living room

Interior Design

It is all about the details.
Our team of experts will follow the design and
style of your project to create the perfect
ADU unit.

garage conversion roofing

Roofing and Insulation

Regardless of how the newly converted garage is used, it needs to be insulated. Otherwise, it will become an unpleasant place in which to spend any length of time. Having the Roofing & Insulation properly installed will help to reduce electric costs and make sure space is pleasant to be in.

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