Frequently asked questions about garage conversion ADU in Los Angeles

City Building Permits FAQs

Do I need a city building permit for my garage conversion adu in Los Angeles?

Yes, it requires a city building permit.

How do I legally begin to convert my garage to ADU?

First you need to get a simple sketch and basic details of what will be required so that you can present a plan to the local planning department. The department will be able to clarify many questions that you might have about the project. You can also hire an architect to do this for you in a professional and more efficient way.

You will then be requested by the city to provide the future use of the garage, where will you park your vehicles after you convert it, and whether or not there will be setbacks from property line ( 5” from property line to garage wall are required). These are just some of the questions that are asked before the city approves a conversion project. If you have enough space to park your cars and the required property line setback is met, then you can start with the next step. Once you have the permit, you can begin converting the garage according to the conversion type you designed with the architect.

Who usually submits the application for building or converting a garage? 

The contractor or architect that are working for you.

How long does an application take to get approved?

It can from as little as less than 2 weeks to up to 2 months. In some cases, if you have a complete set of plans, together with all the structural documents from a structural engineer, you might be able to pull the permit over the counter.

Will my house be inspected by a city inspector during construction? 

Yes, the city inspector usually arrives 4-5 times to inspect the foundation, rough plumbing, rough electric, and framing. Our field supervisor will be accompanying the city inspector each time he arrives.

Sizes, Costs, and Shapes FAQs

What are the recommended garage remodel / conversion types? 

Garage remodels can be used for whatever you wish, but the popular choices are: using the garage as a rental unit to get more income; home office for freelancers; a guesthouse for friends, family, or aging parents. Some even convert it to a playroom for their kids or for a spontaneous game of pool.

What is the size of my garage? 

An average one car garage is about 200-250 square feet An average two car garage is about 400-450 square feet

What can an average two car garage be used for? 

400 square feet can be used for: 1. A small one bedroom 2. A master suite 3. A large office with a restroom 4. A big play room 5. A recording studio.

Are garage conversion costs in my budget? 

It depends on the conversion type you are looking for and how fancy you would like it to be. It also involves planning, foundation work, framing, electricity, and roofing. All of these variables make a big difference in construction costs. If you are doing it professionally, you can expect costs to start at around $30,000 and extend up to $90,000 for the more expensive projects.

What’s included in the FREE quote?

Call us or contact by sending us a form to schedule an in-home FREE ESTIMATE at your convenience. You are not committed to anything. In the meeting, we will provide you with all the information needed for you to make an informed decision. We will help you choose the materials, size, and layout to fit your budget.

Based on your decisions we will present you the different ways you can go about it and the costs related.


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