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ADU Garage Conversion Los Angeles

Benefits and potential ADU conversion ideas

More Family

Keep your family close. Remodel your garage to a living space for struggling family or friends. With economic uncertainty, many families are looking to house aging parents and keep them close to home for extra love and care. Consider creating their own living space right next to the family.

More WorkSpace

Do you work from home? Need a break from distractions? Turn your garage into an office to create you at home serenity. Have your quiet professional office in your garage and save on gas. If you outgrow the space, you can always rent it out.

More Income

Do you want to turn your unused space into a monthly income? It’s easier than you might think. Convert your garage into a cozy guesthouse and rent it out for extra savings. A one-time renovation will put more money into your wallet in the long run.

Perfect Timing

Under California law, Senate Bill No. 1069 allows homeowners to build a small second dwelling on their property. This is the perfect time to convert your garage into whatever you wish! Guest quarters? Game room? Home office? Yoga studio? The possibilities are endless.

More PlaySpace

A safe place for your children to play, or an escape for the inner child in you. It can be a cinema, video games room, art workshop or what ever you wish for!

More Safety

It’s about time to get those exposed wires in the garage fixed. Neglected garage spaces are not safe, especially with little ones running around. Let us take care of you and your family’s safety. You can even convert the space into a game room for the kids to enjoy

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A Team of Distinguished Professionals

Our local expert team utilizes various skills and experience to provide our customers with the highest quality and efficiency to get the work done efficiently and as soon as possible.
We take pride in providing the best experience possible for our clients, finishing the garage conversion (ADU) only after the client is satisfied.


Our Crew was handpicked in order to have only the most qualified professionals for the job.


Everyones house is their fortress, this is why we want you to be confident its safe. Our crew has gone through background check and is supervised in all times.


We understand the discomfort following construction. This is why keeping up with the schedule is a priority for us.

Avg. Return on A Guesthouse in LA (and increasing)

USD / Month

Avg. Monthly payment for Conversion Project (24 months)

USD / Month

Return On Investment in first 2 years

USD / 2 Years

Return on Investment After payments due
(After 24 months)

USD / A Year

Our Services


Every project starts with a solid foundation. We design each garage conversion specifically according to the structural engineer plans to ensure it meets with the city requirements.


In order to create a new living unit, new plumbing line will need to be installed for the new kitchen and bathroom. This part needs to be done professionally to make sure the new plumbing system will work properly.


After the foundation has been laid out and signs off by the city, its time to start building the frame of the ADU unit. Our professional team will follow the design and plans of your project and will execute it in the best way possible.


New outlets will have to be added all around if the new space for all the appliances and electronic equipment.

Interior Design

It is all about the details. Our team of experts will follow the design and style of your project to create the perfect ADU unit.

Roofing & Insulation

Regardless of how the newly converted garage is used, it needs to be insulated. Otherwise, it will become an unpleasant place in which to spend any length of time. Having the Roofing & Insulation properly installed will help to reduce electric costs and make sure space is pleasant to be in.

Some of Our Clients Saying About Us

Our extensive expertise will make sure that your wish for a new space will come to reality in the best way possible.

Converted my garage into a well designed guest house and the result looks amazing. I rent it out as airbnb in my West LA property. This move added another profitable row into my Income sheet.

Joseph Willis

I didnt have a use of the garage in my house so i called and on the phone was a very kind consultant that gave me all the information i needed about converting the garage into an office. Did it and frankly, my quality of life got better, no office costs, less traffic and less time spent on my way to work.

Jane Richards
PR Consultant

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